Planed flights I have flewn with the Bravo

Here is a summerized list of flights I have flewn with FlightGear with the help of fixed navigation points. You can get these with a program called Atlas. If you like we can meet up in IRC ( and fly it wing by wing. :)

· EDDH (Hamburg) to ESSA (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport)
· EDDH (Hamburg) to EKEB (Esbjerg)
· EDDH (Hamburg) over EDDL (Duesseldorf) to LFPG (Paris Charles)
· From EDDH (Hamburg) over LOWW (Vienna) to LIRF (Roma)
· Continued flight from LIRF (Vienna) over LEIB (Ibiza) to LEMD (Madrid)
· Continued flight from LEMD (Madrid) over LFPG (Paris) and EDDL (Düsseldorf) to EDDH (Hamburg)
· EDDH (Hamburg) to EKCH (Copenhagen) with VOR navigation

Notices: A detailed list of my flight plans is now available! :) Just click on the links above to get to them. I used a program called Atlas to figure the route out.

And never use these flight plans in reality!

Meet you in FGFS. :)

PS: My manually mirrored download archive for FlightGear can be found here. So take a look around. :)

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