A flight from EDDH to EKCH and back

You can use this flight plan for the auto-pilot in your favorite airplane (never in real!). You should be directed straight on the runway for save landing... and don't forget to pull out the gear! ;-)

· EDDH (Not needed to enter in AP!)
· HAM (VOR; 113.10 MHz; 60 deg; 5,000ft)
· LUB (VOR; 110.60 MHz; 50 deg; 8,000ft)
· MIC (VOR; 112.20 MHz; 45 deg)
· CDA (VOR; 114.90 MHz; 0 deg)
· ??? (ILS; 109.30 MHz; 41.16 deg, NAV GS)
· EKCH (Copenhangen, Danmark)

Notices: You should not climb higher than 10.000ft. You should begin reducing the altitude to 1.000 feet when you are approx. 4 to 6 minutes away with a maximum airspeed of 320 kts away from your desired destination. Reduce your speed to 180kts for a good landing with the Bravo.

And never use these flight plans in reality!

Meet you in FGFS. :)

PS: My manually mirrored download archive for FlightGear can be found here. So take a look around. :)

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