Which scenery I'm using

On this page I want to give you informations about which scenery I'm using. First of all, I always fly latest GIT/master for testing (stability) it for the FGFS developers. Jester has helped me with a lot compiler errors and assertitions. Thank you a lot!

So here is now the whole scenery I'm using:

The TerraSync (not to mix with the terrasync program) is the latest scenery and models from the developers. You should *NOT* download it into fgdata, instead you should download it in a separate folder. To do so, follow this little tutorial:

# Change into your $HOME directory:
cd ~/
# This will take very long ...
svn co http://terrascenery.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/data/Scenery/ fgfs-scenery/
# Expand your FG_SCENERY variable:
export FG_SCENERY="${FG_SCENERY};${HOME}/fgfs-scenery/"
# You may want to add that line into your ~/.bashrc file to expand it automatically everytime you login.
For Windozer users the above tutorial doesn't work, you need some different steps. First make sure you have TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGIT installed. If not, do so or else you cannot continue.

·Change into e.g. c:\
·Create a new folder called flightgear-scenery and change into that
·Change into that folder and right-click on the free space
·Now choose Subversion (or SVN) -> Checkout ...
·Then enter this URL: http://terrascenery.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/data/Scenery/
·Now just hit OK and the download should really long

If the process ends successfully, congratulations! If if ends with an error, try to update it (see below). Now we need to tell FlightGear to use that directory as scenery path. To do so, you have two options:

·(EXPERT) Extend the environment variable FG_SCENERY with ;c:/fgfs-scenery/
·(BEGINNER) Add the path in FGRUN (and save it!)

Now try to fly e.g. at EDDL (Düsseldorf, Germany), if you see scenery and no water every where, it worked! If you see water, double-check all paths. If it still doesn't work, you may have encountered a bug and anyway, you should come to the forums or mailing list.

PS: My manually mirrored download archive for FlightGear can be found here. So take a look around. :)

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